Frequently Asked Questions

How early should I book?

Book EARLY, I'm already booking weddings two years out. A live painter is like any other vendor/venue. To ensure quality and credibility my booking calendar is based off of first come first serve. 


Why should I hire a live painter? 

A live painter has the flexibility to add elements to the piece that a photograph can't capture. Of course you should hire a photographers (not knocking them- actually I can point you in the direction to some really awesome photographers), in addition a live painter can give you imaginary pieces to your painting. For instance, I can do multiple scenes from the event merged into one painting. I can include family members that have passed that you wish could be present. I can add fantasy elements such as mermaids, superheroes, race cars unicorns & rainbows (you know I had to throw that in there). If its raining on your wedding day I can paint a sunny day instead or we can even add your favorite celebrity in the audience! 

The sky is the limit with a live wedding painter!


What if someone has already reserved my date?

Laura Ashley Live Art’s calendar is first come first serve. There's now two of us! Now we are able to serve more brides in more areas! My associate and I have worked together over a year and we have developed a routine to ensure that the signature LALA brand is well executed and that our brides receive the best service.


I want to be unique, but I've seen you at a lot of weddings around here...

With my live art, I personalize my paintings to reflect my brides 100% (I get most of my insight from our face to face meeting). I want to know your favorite color, your life experiences, your love story and anything else that you might want to share. No two paintings of mine are ever alike! And at the end of the day this is a piece that gets to hang in your house to remember the beautiful day in a unique way! Don't freight about someone else using my services, don't worry I'll make sure that YOUR masterpiece reflects YOU on YOUR special day!

Do you ONLY do weddings?

No, I have a passion for live painting and I will be happy to attend your special day (even if it isn't a wedding). I enjoy doing corporate events, birthday parties, milestones, public events, baby showers, etc. If your heart desires a live painter at your event, I'll be there!

Do you travel?

Yes, I will be happy to travel to your special event. Lodging and travel expenses will need to be covered by the client.

Is there a deposit?

Yes! I require a nonrefundable $50 deposit for all services. Payment plan options are available.

What do you normally wear?

I like to match the occasion- normal classy attire with a splash of personality. I do like to wear a baby pink apron and of course earrings! If you would like me to wear a specific color to match wedding scheme, I certainly can. Just be sure to request in early meetings. 

What does set up look like? 

I bring my easel, canvas, small table, paints, mason jar and brushes. I do include a navy leopard print drop cloth to protect the floor if its an appropriate environment, if the set up is outside then I don't use my drop cloth unless requested.  See video below.