Laura Ashley is a  skilled professional who strives to create art filled with light, emotion, and meaning. She approaches each couple with a fresh perspective in order to capture their true essence in the painting. Laura strives to provide a flexible service that reflects soon-to-be-weds visions and personalities. She is able to change the season with the stroke of a brush, as well as add unique characters and backgrounds. Couples who wish to include loved ones who have passed away in their wedding-day memories can do so by requesting them to be painted in.

Total Investment - 1K + Travel 

Laura is also more than happy to paint multiple scenes on one personalized canvas. This avid artist meets with couples before the celebrations to learn more about their creative visions. On the day, she is willing to reflect clients' wedding themes and colors in her outfit. Laura Ashley Live Art offers an all-inclusive service, featuring all the necessary equipment to create lovely keepsakes.